KT Conditioning BLOG Review – Part 2

Following Part 1 of my review of BLOGs, please see Part 2 below. Keep a look out for my future BLOGs and please feel free to leave any requests or ideas for future BLOGs. 

Fitness Testing with KT Conditioning - Review of our fitness testing service

Research Overview – The ABCs of Physical Activity for Health - The importance of Physical activity for health

The Basics of Nutrition – Food Nutrients - Info on Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat

WheyHey!! A Protein Ice Cream - A tasty and nutritious snack

RAMP Up Your Warm Ups - Structuring your warm ups with the RAMP protocol

Resistance Training for Youths - A review of the benefits of resistance training for children

Are Crunches Bad for You? - A review of a much debated topic

Adding Variety to the Shoulder Press – Part 1 (Barbell) - 6 barbell exercises to add to your training

Adding Variety to the Shoulder Press – Part 1 (Dumbbells) - 6 dumbbell exercises to add to your training

What is Functional Training? 

Talent Identification and Development in Youth Sport - A review of a book that i’ve got a chapter in!

Nike Vapor Strobe – Example Drills - Some hand eye co-ordination drills with a high tech set of goggles



KT Conditioning BLOG Review – Part 1

KT Conditioning has been up and running for 3 months now and in that time I have aimed to provide an informative BLOG that educates a wide range of people from athletes, coaches and the general public. I hope you have all enjoyed reading the BLOG and have been able to use the information to improve your training, coaching and general health. 

Over 40 BLOGs have been posted over the last 3 months so I thought I’d provide an overview of the BLOGs I have written to date so if your new to the site you can read some of the earlier posts or have a re-read of some of your favourites. Below are links (with a brief description) of my first 20 BLOGs!

How to Improve Horizontal Stability - Info on the front plank

Research Overview – Whats the Best Bench Press Exercise to Use? - Barbell, Dumbbells or Smith machine?

Tracking Your Fitness Progress - How to monitor and present your or your athletes fitjness improvements

10 Nutrition Tips for 2012! - 10 easy to follow nutrition tips to improve your health and body composition

Soups and Smoothies - Using soups and smoothies to increase fruit and veg intake

An Example Healthy Shopping List - As it says

Train the Brain – Nike Vapor Stobes - Visual training with a pair of high tech glasses

Research Overview – Cold Water Immersion following Match Play - Ice baths – do they work?

Developing a Balanced Lower Body Training Program - What should you include when training your legs.

Get Strong by Lifting Heavy! - Examples of strength training

Online Training Programs - KT Conditioning Online Programs

Improving Lateral Core Stability - The side plank

How to make the Bench Press More Functional - Some variations to the bench press exercise

Research Overview – Strength & Conditioning for Golf - Can S&C improve golf performance?

Strength & Conditioning for Rugby League – An Interview with Rob Burrow - Rob Burrow’s thoughts on S&C in rugby league

Developing a Balanced Upper Body Training Program - How should you design your upper body training

Can Postactivation Potentiation Enhance your Performance? 

The Basics of Nutrition – Energy Balance - Information on calories

The Lunge an its Progressions – Part 1 and Part 2 - Some variations to the lunge

So there you go, 20 BLOGs covering a variety of topics from strength and conditioning to nutrition to research. Hope you enjoy reading them and please feel free to leave a comment. Always remember, KT Conditioning wants to improve your performance so don’t hesitate to Contact Us



Fitness Testing with KT Conditioning

Want to know how fit you or your athletes are? Then you need a Fitness Testing assessment.

Fitness Testing is a technique used regularly by strength & conditioning coaches to provide information on the health or fitness of an individual or group. Testing can be done in a number of environments and is generally split between the lab and field. There are a number of reasons why fitness testing is used and these include:

  • To examine the health status of an individual.
  • To measure the fitness level of an individual.
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of athletes.
  • To monitor training programs to see if training is improving what it is intended to improve.
  • To help with goal setting.
  • In talent identification settings.

KT Conditioning offers fitness testing to both the general population and individual / groups of athletes. The fitness testing is designed to be both individual and sport specific to meet the needs of you or your sport. KT Conditioning’s fitness testing battery will include:

  • Body Composition – Height, body mass, body fat percentage and girth measurements.
  • Maturation Assessment – For junior athletes, a maturation and predicted height estimation can be calculated to assess at what stage of maturation a player is at.
  • Functional Movement Screen – An assessment of posture and movement ability can be conducted using KT Conditioning’s specific FMS assessment. This is the basis for all training.
  • Speed and Agility – Tests specific to your sport will assess acceleration, maximum speed and ability to change direction using state of the art timing gates.
  • Strength and Power – 1RM or 3RM strength or field based power assessments can be conducted to assess current strength and power levels.
  • Aerobic / Anaerobic endurance – A field based endurance assessment specific to your sport using will be conducted.

Example videos of KT Conditioning conducting Sprint (with timing gates) and Yo-Yo fitness tests within a team setting are shown below. The sprint tests are performed at 5m and 10m in the video but can be conducted at a variety of distances. The Yo-Yo test is a measure of endurance and uses a series of beeps to run a 20m shuttle with a 10s rest period used between shuttles.

KT Conditioning will provide post testing fitness reports along with an explanation of your strengths and weaknesses and where you need to focus your training in order to improve your performance. Check out a previous BLOG on Tracking your Fitness Results for an idea of how KT Conditioning will report and progress your results.

KT Conditioning fitness testing sessions can be arranged to fit around your schedule with venues arranged based on your location. So why don’t you Contact Us for further information and see how fit your are now!